Top 10 Vegetables For Containers
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Top 10 Vegetables For Containers

Top 10 Vegetables For Containers

Container Gardening is a great option for gardeners with limited space or if you just don't want to grow a ton of a specific type of plant/ veggie! The containers you use can be anything from pots to root pouches. Some of the pros of container gardening is the ability to add good soil and being able to move your plants easily.

Here's my idea list for the container veggies:

1. Tomatoes (Container's Choice, Red Robin, Yellow Canary, or Rosy Finch)
2. Peppers (Early Flame Pepper or the Delite Pepper Mix)
3. Beans (Hoss Green Blaze)
4. Cucumbers (Beit Alpha or Deli-Star)
5. Squash/Zucchini (One Ball & Eight Ball)
6. Onions (Warrior Bunching Onion)
7. Spinach (Sun Angel)
8. Lettuce (Jericho Romaine)
9. Carrots (Kuroda)
10. Radish (Cherry Belle or French Breakfast)