Tomato Growing- Everyone's Favorite Vegetable or Fruit??
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Tomato Growing- Everyone's Favorite Vegetable or Fruit??

All About Tomato Growing

Almost everybody's favorite thing to do in the vegetable garden is tomato growing, but did you know tomatoes are a fruit! Tomatoes come from the ovary of a flowering plant, making it a seed-bearing fruit. Others like this that we usually classify as vegetables are eggplants and peppers. Tomatoes are a favorite item in the garden because of their excellent taste; they are delicious. Like many crops, there are two different types of tomato seeds, heirlooms, and hybrids. Heirlooms are original seeds that have not been altered in any way. They are passed down from generation to generation, and many families like to continue on that tradition of growing them. Some even want to rely on them instead of the hybrids, at Hoss Tools we have a few heirloom tomato varieties such as,

Hybrids are cross-pollinated seeds to help produce extra fruit and to have higher disease and pests resistances. Everyone has their preference on which seed variety they prefer, and for us here at Hoss Tools, we have found that variety to be the Bella Rosa Tomatoes. They are a pelleted see, and you can count on those for production because they are that hybrid seed. Two other tomatoes that are great hybrids and determinate tomatoes are the Mountain Glory and the Brickyard. All three of these have that disease resistance as well as delicious fruit. Most people don't grow tomatoes because they are easy. After all, they are quite the opposite. Tomato growing takes time and loving on but is well worth it when they are ready to eat. Tomatoes have a longer maturity rate, so they do better if they start as transplants as that takes about two weeks off their harvest-ready time. Your plants are going to need a lot of nitrogen and fertilizer. They also need some support when they are starting to mature and need help standing up. There are many options for this, such as the Florida weave, hog panels, and the Hortonova Trellis. Trellising will help them from getting blown over and will keep your fruit off the ground to prevent insects.

The Best Tomato Sandwich

Though tomatoes aren't the most expensive fruit, there is something about eating one that you grew yourself. That gratification of being self-sustaining is such a great feeling, and here at Hoss Tools, we want to help you achieve that and enjoy the groceries you are making in your garden, so here is one of our favorite tomato recipes. Once your tomatoes have grown right up, and you have been fertilizing them real good, you are going to get a big beefsteak type tomato that is perfect for slicing. It has excellent flavor and is fruitful; once you pick your harvest, it is time to put those groceries to the test. The recipe right here is a Mr.Greg Hoss special recipe and his favorite thing to do once his tomatoes are ready. First, you want to get you two pieces of fresh light bread and smear you some mayonnaise all over both sides. Then you want to take your good ripe tomatoes and slice it up into pieces for the bread. Once you have a good bit of tomato slices, you should layer them all over one part of the bread. After you have your desired amount of tomatoes, then you want to sprinkle you some pepper and salt on both sides. Then slap your two pieces together, and that is what Mr.Greg calls one of the best meals ever, even better than a payday!! CLICK on the video below to see Mr. Greg make his famous recipe and to see how his tomato plants are doing.