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Spin Farming

A few days ago, a lady from Alabama called. She was just getting started in Spin Farming. Having met Lee Mcbride, a Spin Representative, at the Georgia Organic Conference, I’d heard of it before, but wanted to know a little more.

I went to their web site to check it out. They teach you how to garden, or even market farm, on a small plot of land - less than an acre. The biggest barrier to farming is acquiring land, but Spin Farming shows people how to generate a farming income using their lawns. They teach people how to plan and what the economics of small farming are.

The two biggest barriers facing aspiring farmers are access to sizeable acreage and coming up with substantial start up capital. The methods of Spin Farming effectively eliminate both of those obstacles. There is little real-world help for gardeners who would like to earn an income by doing what we love to do. Spin Farming provides that assistance.

After meeting Lee, talking to the lady from Alabama, and taking a closer look at the Spin Farming site, I wanted to know more, so I emailed Roxanne Christensen who operates Somerton Tanks Farm using the Spin Farming method. Roxanne has managed to gross as much as $68,000 on just 20,000 square feet of land.

Operations like Roxanne’s show that there is an amazing opportunity out there for small farmers. As interest in locally grown food continues to rise, the time is ripe for aspiring farmers to take action and learn how to farm on whatever land is available.