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Six Reasons for Burying Drip Tape in the Garden

Importance of Drip Tape

There are countless benefits when it comes to why drip tape is important in the garden area. Not only is it better for the vegetable plants in the garden, but it will conserve water, reduce disease and pest pressures, and improve plant growth. Other alternatives like overhead irrigation or soaker hoses will leave you with unnecessary watering, fewer benefits, as well as wasted time and money. The drip tape is intended to be buried underneath the soil in order to maintain maximum results and improve better gardening techniques. With our drip tape irrigation kit, it contains everything you will need to start a drip system in your garden area.

Top 6 Reasons for Burying Drip Tape

On this week's episode, Travis explains the top six best reasons behind burying drip tape in the vegetable garden. The first reason behind burying your drip tape is for improved water conservation. Previous studies say that when burying drip tape you will use 40% less water than leaving the drip tape on top of the soil. When left on top of the soil drip tape is gonna be losing a significant amount of water due to evaporation. If they are buried you're gonna get a much more effective flow of water to the plant. The second reason is the drip tape will stay in place underneath the soil where it needs to be for the plants. With the drip tape on top of the soil, it has a tendency to move around by wind and other natural elements within the garden. Another benefit of burying drip tape underneath the soil it allows you to direct seed on top of the tape with our Hoss Garden Seeder. Thirdly, avoid rodent damage in your drip tape when buried underneath the soil. If the tape is left on top of the soil, rodents become a problem by chewing into the tape. While underneath the soil it can become less of an issue because it is not as accessible. The fourth reason to bury the drip tape under the soil is to help eliminate soil crusting. When you get a heavy rain typically the soil will crust over the top of the soil which makes it hard to cultivate the same goes for leaving drip tape on top of the soil. By burying the drip tape this will eliminate that soil crusting on our soil and it will remain easier to cultivate. The fifth reason allows effective delivery of fertilizer to the plants. With a drip irrigation system, this allows us to not only water our plants effectively but fertilize them too with a water-soluble fertilizer. With it buried beneath the soil, the plants are getting delivered direct fertilizer to the plant roots. This is not the case with drip tape laying along the top of the soil. Finally, the last benefit of burying the drip tape under the soil is easier cultivation in the vegetable garden. If drip tape is left along the top of the soil you will have to move that tape out of the way every time to cultivate the weeds and other areas in the garden. When burying tape under the soil we can use our single tine cultivator and just skim the surface of the soil to remove any weeds that have appeared in the garden. If you want a better overall production of plants in the vegetable garden, consider burying the drip tape and follow these top six reasons because it will give you many more advantages that will last a lot longer than other alternatives.