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The Hoss Seeder: Love at First Spin

The Hoss Seeder: Love at First Spin

The Hoss Seeder is just one of those handy implements that makes life easier for gardeners of all types. From the first time you attach it to your Hoss Wheel Hoe and take off down the row, you'll be in love. The seeder plates spin smoothly and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate just about any seed you can find to plant. And, if there a seed size one of our pre-drilled plates won't handle, we offer a plate you can drill yourself.  The sturdy construction of the seeder uses a chain instead of a belt and maintains the Made in America standards of all of our Hoss products.
  • Removable Hopper with Easily Planting depth 1/4" - 1 1/2"
  • Optional Row Marker and Optional extra seed Plates
  • Plant small and large seed with the Hoss Seeder
  • Easily attaches to the Hoss or Planet Jr. wheel hoes
  • Interchangeable seed plates for different seeds
  • Seed Plate #1 (HS4-1001) - broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, turnips, mustard, rutabaga, and other fine seeds
  • Seed Plate #2 (HS4-1002) - onion, small coated seeds
  • Seed Plate #3 (HS4-1003) - okra; pelleted carrots, lettuce, beets and chard
  • Seed Plate #4 (HS4-1004) - sweet corn and popcorn
  • Seed Plate #5 (HS4-1005) - small peas & beans
  • Seed Plate #6 (HS4-1006) - medium beans & peas, field corn
Additional seed plates are available in our store, but the starter kit included with the seeder will most definitely get you going.  The Hoss Seeder fits Hoss and Planet Jr wheel hoes, but you should know it does not fit the Glaser.