The NEW Hoss Garden Seeder
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The NEW Hoss Garden Seeder

The NEW Hoss Garden Seeder

The Hoss Garden Seeder is the newest product to be added to our line of high quality, American made gardening tools. We've taken our innovative Seed Plate design used with our Seeder Attachment and implemented it on a stand-alone Garden Seeder unit. As with our other products, the handles are Amish-crafted hardwood and the frame is made of powder coated steel.

Here are some of the new features on the Hoss Garden Seeder:

1) "Rolling Coulter" Furrow Opener - This design was used because we have many customers who cover crop year round, and thus have a lot of organic residue in their soils. The double disk design in front of the seed drop tube rolls through any organic debris, making it easy to plant in clean or heavy-cover soils. The rolling coulter furrow opener also allows you to plant in freshly tilled soils. While the Seeder Attachment prefers a firm seed bed, the Hoss Garden Seeder can be used in those fluffier soils. This is a great benefit for those "weekend warrior" types who like to till and plant on the same day.

2) Kickstand - The kickstand allows the Hoss Garden Seeder to stand on its own when not in use. When in use, the kickstand simply follows behind the rear wheel of the Garden Seeder. It only touches the soil on the outside of the wheel, so it does not disrupt any planted seed.

3) Depth Adjustment Knob - Planting depth can be easily adjusted by turning the knob on the front of the Garden Seeder Frame. Each side of the frame has a depth gauge that has tick marks for changing planting depth in 1/4" increments.

The Hoss Garden Seeder is simple, versatile and tough! The rolling coulter design allows you to plant in a wide variety of soil and cover crop situations, and our innovative Seed Plate design allows you to customize planting to meet your exact needs.