Row by Row Episode 81: The Top Ten Gift Ideas for All Types of Gardene
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Row by Row Episode 81: The Top Ten Gift Ideas for All Types of Gardeners

Row by Row Episode 81: The Top Ten Gift Ideas for All Types of Gardeners

Top Ten Gift Ideas:

These gift ideas are the ideal perfect gifts for all types of gardeners whether you are a beginner or advanced vegetable gardener. As well as, they all are reasonably priced under $100, made in the USA, and quality products that will last you a lifetime.

1. Hoe Dag Tool Kit

This tool kit has everything you need to plant, weed, and cultivate your raised garden beds. The Hoe Dag Tool Kit includes a hoe dag, hand shovel, and hand rank that are all made with high carbon steel blades. Each tool has a riveted-socket design that attaches the implement to the handle to ensure it will remain attached through the toughest soil debris.

2. Seed Collections

There are three different themed seed collections that are excellent gift ideas that we have available which are the Pollinator Garden Collection, Heirloom Garden Collection, Fresh Salad Garden Collection, and Cool Season Garden Collection. With each collection, you get a variety of seeds that are all perfect for growing throughout the vegetable garden.

3. Garden Fertilizer

Another gift that you wouldn't ever think about giving is 20-20-20 garden fertilizer. However, anybody, that loves to grow a garden would need this fertilizer in their next growing season. It has a balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that is great for fertilizing plants at all growing stages in the garden.

4. Complete Fermentation Kit

If you are shopping for someone that loves to preserve food from the vegetable garden the Complete Fermentation Kit is the perfect gift. This kit includes a pickle packer jar tamper, pickle pipe fermentation lids, pickle pebble fermentation weights, and an instructional booklet which is everything you need to start fermenting vegetables expect the jar.

5. Small Garden Tool Kit

Another great set of tools is our Small Garden Toolkit which contains three of our most popular hand-made tools for maintaining your garden bed. This kit comes with a garden trowel, crows foot cultivator, and batwing hoe that ensures you get maximum planting in the soil of your raised garden bed.

6. Micro-Boost

A product that has received multiple good reviews from customers is our Micro-Boost. It contains all the micronutrients that the plant could possibly need to grow throughout the season. It also works great in our EZ-Flo Injector to accurately fertilizer where plants need to uptake the most.

7. Harvesting Bucket

A long-time product of ours that has been an all-time favorite is our Over-the-Shoulder Harvesting Bucket. This garden tool is ideal for harvesting all types of vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, okra, etc. Even fruit varieties such as apples, muscadines, figs, and berries.

8. Garden Gloves

The most comfortable gloves around is our Hoss Garden Gloves. For working all around the homestead these garden gloves remain durable and allow for maximum dexterity no matter what job you are doing. Some of the features it contains is padded palm cushion, stretchy nylon material, and extra reinforcement on fingertips for more durability.

9. Garden Hod

Another product that has been around for a long time that has been a favorite by many is our Garden Hod. This is a multifunctional harvesting bucket that allows you to harvest your vegetables and simply rinse them off all in the same container.

10. Pruning Shears

Our pruning shears have a lifetime warranty that contains a heavy-duty Savoy steel blade that provides the most high-quality pruners. The blades are very tough and are guaranteed to hold an edge that will last better than other shears at your local hardware store.

Show and Tell Segment

On the show and tell segment, Greg and Travis show different ways to prepare and cook the strange-looking vegetable known as Kohlrabi. Greg has grown kohlrabi for around 5 to 6 years and loves to grow it because it is insect resistant, easy to grow, and quick to mature in the garden. When growing kohlrabi it has roots that grow right above the ground and Greg simply shears it off at the root. Next, he will take his knife so he can cut all the leaves off and then peels it like an apple. As the guys prepare it for cooking they like to use it as a substitute for cabbage and make coleslaw out of it. Travis mentions that it has a flavor profile similar to cabbage with the texture of a cucumber. The guys also discuss a little about the different cool flower varieties coming to the site next year.

Viewer Questions Segment

On the question and answer segment this week, the guys answer questions about using the seed trays to sow seeds, selling the products in the seed starting kits separately, and cedar rust issues on apple trees. Greg mentions that if you are having problems with seedlings growing it might be a fertility problem. Once you reach the leaf stage, you need to start applying a little bit of fertilizer to the plants. Travis explains that the additional items that are placed in the seed starting kits such as the soil and garden labels are bonus items that were added to the kit to make it complete. If we removed those items from the kit it would not change the cost or shipping price of the kit itself. Greg says that when cedar rust is on your apple trees the main host is if you have a cedar tree close around and it should be removed to help control the rust on your apple tree. However, if you can't remove the trees you can also use Liquid-Cop to control the cedar rust on the trees.

Product of the Week

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