Row by Row Episode 228: Gardening In Canada
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Row by Row Episode 228: Gardening In Canada

Row by Row Episode 228: Gardening In Canada

Tonight, we've got Ryan Thiessen of Thiessen Tillage on the show. Thiessen Tillage is our Canadian Dealer, if you are in Canada, be sure to order your garden tools from them for quick delivery. (link below) Hoss and Ryan are talking about gardening in Canada and the differences, the best garden tools to use, and much more! Let's Grow Together!

Thiessen Tillage Equipment - Gardening In Canada

Are you gardening in Canada and want some Hoss garden tools? Check out our Canadian Dealer! Thiessen Tillage

Tilmor Farm Equipment

Ryan also works with Tilmor (which is a fairly new company) in developing farming and tillage equipment for the small farmer, as well as the home gardener. He develops most of the implements for the larger equipment at Tilmor and Thiessen Tillage is a dealer of Tilmor Equipment. Be sure to check out their website!

What Is A Power Ox?

Because the Power Ox 240 is the next generation of two-wheel tractors, it is designed with the small farmer in mind. Its spotlight features are a throttle control handle, Honda GX120 Engine, and a robust drive system. It has a 13.5" ground clearance, quick handle height adjustment, and 4" wide bar tires. It has three-width settings on the main frame. Hoss has a Power Ox and highly recommends them. It has got a great cultivation experience. Check it out here!

The finger weeder is an attachment for the Power Ox walk-behind tractor, plus it is the newest attachment that is used a lot in organic farming. Specifically designed for in-row cultivation and it uproots small and just emerging weeds. The attachment is suitable for most small crops planted in rows with (at least) 9 inches between each row and it is very effective on light to medium-heavy clay soils. It is also best when combined with implements such as vegetable knives or spyders that run in front. The weeder attachment has a ground-engaging steel drive plate that turns the flexible polyurethane fingers at a faster speed. Check it out here!

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