Row by Row Episode 219: 2022 Homesteaders of America
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Row by Row Episode 219: 2022 Homesteaders of America

Row by Row Episode 219: 2022 Homesteaders of America

We went to Front Royal, Virginia a few days ago to the 2022 Homesteaders of America conference. We were blessed to be able to visit with old and new friends. Greg and Sheila got to meet with some of our affiliates that attended and met new homesteaders, customers, and even fans of Hoss Tools.

2022 Homesteaders of America

Greg and Sheila both agreed that it was a truly magical and heartwarming experience to be able to meet and see everyone at the Homesteaders of America Conference. “We were surrounded by so many great, knowledgable people – from YouTubers, Affiliates, and Hoss Tools Family, we are truly blessed.”, Greg Says. “It was so heartwarming to be able to hug, shake hands, share stories, and finally meet a lot of these people we’ve known for years face to face and also add to our Hoss Tools family.”, Sheila added. We took a lot of our affiliates that were there out to dinner and had a wonderful time with everyone. They have given us much advice on how to get started in raising pigs.

4 Kids and A Farm

Rachel and Aaron, from Northern California, and have 4 amazing kids. Aaron is a nurse, he could not say enough about Rachel and how she has such a major role in their homestead. We had a wonderful time talking to them and their commitment to raise their own food and be self-sustainable. They love to garden and share their knowledge about raising pigs, sheep, goats, and chickens. Plus, being in northern California, they get to grow year-round! Give them a follow here!

Whispering Willow Farm

Jill and Nathan are from rural Arkansas. She is a self-taught gardener, which is so amazing to see in a new generation. They have recently purchased Roots and Refuge farm and are growing quickly. Sheila really enjoys watching her videos, Jill is down to earth and has the most calming voice. Give them a follow!

Stivers Homestead

Zack and Gen are from the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky. We also had the pleasure of meeting their daughter Ray Ray. They have a passion for preserving food, raising animals, homesteading, and gardening. They are known for their Calendula Salve! Great stuff. They also have an Airbnb. Tons of animals, including Kune Kune pigs. Y’all should check them out!

2 Quacks & 5 Clucks Farm

Scott is one of our newest affiliates, mainly on TikTok. Scott and his wife are from Virginia. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting him. He is extremely knowledgeable in gardening and has a big following. He teaches you the easy ways to garden and gives you the skills you need. They have pasteurized chickens and a growing garden! Give him a follow!

The Honeystead

Kaylee from Quail Hollow Farm is a beekeeper, gardener, and forager. On her farm, she has chickens, goats, cows, honeybees, and pigs. She is extremely knowledgeable in beekeeping and has a wealth of knowledge of herbs. She spoke at the conference as well, her topic was “How to keep your bees alive and healthy through the winter.” If you are wanting to get into beekeeping, Kaylee is the one to follow!

Product of the Week

Elephant Garlic

Onion Plants

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