Row by Row Episode 186: The Best Way To Plant Seed Potatoes
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Row by Row Episode 186: The Best Way To Plant Seed Potatoes

Row by Row Episode 186: The Best Way To Plant Seed Potatoes

It's about that time! We've got most of the seed potato orders out, now it's time to get into the dirty details of seed potato planting! What type of potato should you plant, should you plant in-ground or in raised beds, does soil temperatures matter, and so much more!

What Type of Potato Should You Plant?

  • 7 types of potatoes: Russet, White, Red, Yellow, Blue/Purple, Fingerling, Petite
  • Early Season (90 days or less), Midseason (100 plus days), Late Season (110 days or more)
  • Determinate and Indeterminate Potatoes

Spring Potato Planting Schedule By Zone

Soil temperature and maturation timing are extremely important in growing your potatoes. Ideally, you want to get your seeds in the ground 2-4 weeks before the last frost of Spring. The warmer your climate, the sooner you'll need to plant.

Preparing and Planting

  • In-ground planting: Rowing spacing needs to be 3-4 feet apart. Plant spacing should be 6-12 inches and planting depth should be 3-6 inches.
  • Raised bed planting: Row spacing needs to be 2 feet apart. You'll want to space your plants 6-12 inches apart (same as in-ground planting), and the depth should also be the same (3-6 inches deep).

Hilling Your Potatoes

As your plants grow, they will need special maintenance throughout the season. Every 1-2" that potatoes grow, they are going to need extra support by mounding up dirt loosely around the base. This process is called "hilling", it is very important in the growth cycle and the root development of your potatoes. Hilling also helps with weed suppression, plant support, and frost protection as well as keeping the potatoes out of the sunlight, which could cause them to turn green and become inedible. Indeterminate potatoes require more hilling due to their upward growth habit.

Growing Potatoes in Containers

Potatoes are very well suited to grow in containers and can make an excellent choice for small space gardening. While it is a very similar process as in-ground growing, there are a few differences in the process. Depending on the size of your container, you'll want to fill it with 4-6 inches of prepared soil and place it in full sun. Be sure to get the correct spacing because they will need a good bit of room to grow. For example, our 15-gallon root pouch can comfortably grow 4 potato plants and give the root structure plenty of room for a big harvest. You'll want to "layer" your soil the way you would "hill" with in-ground planting. Continually add soil to the top of the plant to cover the new stems at the bottom until the container is full of soil.

Hoss University

Be sure to check out the Potato Growing Guide on our website for lots more growing information! More on irrigation, fertilizer needs, disease protection and SO MUCH MORE! CLICK HERE!

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