Row by Row Episode 182: What Vegetables To Grow In Containers
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Row by Row Episode 182: What Vegetables To Grow In Containers

Row by Row Episode 182: What Vegetables To Grow In Containers

Not everyone has a large enough space for in-ground planting, tonight we focus on container gardening and give you some ideas on what to grow this season! We are excited to introduce our newest collection, the Acre Homestead Container Collection was hand-curated by Becky at Acre Homestead. We have partnered with Becky to focus on small space and container gardening. More videos from @Acre Homestead to come!

Container Gardening

Container gardening is ideal for those with little or no garden space. Problems with soilborne diseases, nematodes, or poor soil conditions can be easily overcome by switching to a container garden. Being able to use different-sized containers can give you easy access to your fruits or vegetables.

The Perfect Space

Whether you have little to no yard, live in an apartment, or only have a driveway, there is still SO much potential! You can use your windowsill, your deck, patio, doorstep. Get creative with where you place your containers. Not only is it important to the size of your container for plant purposes but also for placement.


It is very important to have the right size containers for certain plants. You will want to consider the size and shape of the plant's root system and how rapidly it grows. When you are picking your containers, make sure you keep in mind that light-colored containers keep the soil cooler than darker containers. Drainage holes are always essential with containers, if your containers don't have the proper drainage holes, you could risk root rot or other death to your plant.

Container Material

  • Clay or terracotta are attractive but breakable and easily damaged by freezing and thawing.
  • Cast concrete long lasting, but can be heavy and hard to move.
  • Plastic and fiberglass are lightweight, become brittle with cold or age.
  • Wood: Choose a naturally rot- resistant wood.  Don’t use creosote (toxic to plants)
  • Root Pouch

Container Preparation

You'll want to put in desired space before filling and planting. Put in appropriate shade/sun according to plant requirements.

Plain garden soil is too dense. 

Water Requirements

The type of pot will determine water requirements as well as shade/sun placement. Clay pots dry out faster.  

Product of the Week:

Root Pouch

Dr. Joe Fertilizing Tabs

Arkansas Traveler Tomato

Chiba Green Organic Edamame

Red Dragon Lettuce

Mingle Mix Tomato

Green Tiger Lettuce

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