Row by Row Episode 178: Winterize Your Garden
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Row by Row Episode 178: Winterize Your Garden

Row by Row Episode 178: Winterize Your Garden

What should you do to "winterize" your garden? Tonight, we discuss exactly what you need to do in your garden this season. Based on your zone, you may need a more ardent strategy than some others in warmer climates.

Winterizing Your Garden

Be sure you bring tender plants inside, cover vulnerable plants (remember to take when the threat of frost passes so they do not overheat).

  1. Clean out annual vegetables and flowers. Some may harbor disease, pests and funguses. Many bacteria and pest eggs can overwinter in debris, and they will take over your healthy plants once spring arrives.
  2. Remove weeds. Like plants, weeds left in the garden through winter can host many pest eggs and pathogens.
  3. Soil Tests.
  4. Nutrients: Lime, Potassium, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen
  5. Amend your soil for spring. Manure, compost, and organic fertilizers.
  6. Plant Cover Crops: Helps regulate soil erosion, break up compacted areas, increase levels or organic matter, and add nutrients
  7. Replenish Mulch: Helps regulate soil temperatures and oisture, protect crops frm frost, added mulch breaks down and incorporates fresh organic material into soil.
  8. Tarp
  9. Clean and Sharpen Tools
  10. Shut off irrigation systems when freeze is indicated

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