Row by Row Episode 163: FALL GARDEN CHALLENGES
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Row by Row Episode 163: FALL GARDEN CHALLENGES

Row by Row Episode 163: FALL GARDEN CHALLENGES

Challenges of Growing Fall Garden:


For gardeners in late summer months, it can be tough. The heat in the southern states can become a big challenge with your spring/summer crops winding down and starting to die off. Temperature plays a big factor in wanting to get out and be in the garden. August and September normally are months of transition, starting to plan your fall garden, getting your seeds started and figuring out when to direct seed or transplant is a big factor in fall gardening. Time Management is important, garden in the early morning and late evening.


Unpredictable weather is another big factor in the southern states. A lot of rain can cause many issues in the gardening including diseased plants, such as powdery mildew, and blight. It can also stunt your crop and prevent pollinators from being able to work affecting the blossoming of fruits and vegetables. Dry weather also plays a big factor during the transition period. Drip Irrigation is a garden saver when it comes to having dry weather. Living in states that have tropical storms and hurricanes you may tend to question whether or not you would need a drip irrigation system but it is always a good idea to put down your drip tape just as a precaution.

Bug Pressure

Whiteflies are one of the biggest issues you will see during the late summer months, typically feeding on the undersides of plant leaves. They are closely related to aphids, mealybugs, and scale. Horticultural Oil works great on soft-bodied insects, safe and you can spray up until harvesting. It is best to spray early morning and/or late in the afternoon. Horticultural Oil will not work on worms, such as cabbage loopers and horn worms because they can become problematic as well. Spinosad, Monterey B.T., and Bug Buster II, you can use any these by themselves or together. A good schedule is rotating Spinosad, B.T., and Bug Buster II every 7 days.

Disease Problems

There is more humidity in the fall, which means more plant diseases. The hot temperatures and humidity will create powdery or Downey mildew in your cucumber and squash plants. Planting disease resistant varieties will also help to combat certain diseases. A fungicide and a insecticide on a 7 day schedule. Garden Phos is great for controlling late blight, root rot, and more. Stay proactive!

Weed Pressure

Weed pressure is always the worst in the fall, you are fighting against summer annuals and summer perennials, along with summer and winter weeds. Crabgrass is one of the biggest issues many gardeners have. Vegetable and Ornamental Weeder is good to use in the garden but make sure you read the label to know where you can use it depending on what crops you have growing.

Exciting Things From Hoss Tools

We currently preselling Strawberry Plugs from Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi. We also will have German White Garlic cloves in the next few weeks which we've never provided to our customers in the past, we will, of course, have Elephant Garlic and our 3 varieties of shallots. Another exciting plant we will provide this fall will be 3 varieties of onion bulbs.

Products of the Week

Strawberry Plugs

Horticultural Oil

Vegetable & Ornamental Weeder

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