Answering Your Fall Gardening Questions
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Answering Your Fall Gardening Questions

Answering Your Fall Gardening Questions

Hey Neighbor! Tag along as we answer some of our most asked fall gardening questions!  You asked and we are here to share our expertise so that your garden can thrive. We're showing you how to dry your Holy Basil, why hasn't your Roselle bloomed, how to trim onion plants and much more! Still have questions? Leave a comment down below and we will answer. Join us and let's grow together!

How did you dry your holy Basil?

We have used a freeze dryer and a dehydrator, but if you don't have those you can bundle them up and hang them above your kitchen window for 3-4 weeks.

When will my Roselle Bloom? When do you plant?

You plant it in the spring. It will bloom for one day when the days shorten. 

Do you keep the strawberry Plants that you planted last year, if so, how do you mulch them?

You can plant your strawberries in a perennials or annuals. However, we find it best to plant them as an annual which helps with disease issues and allows crop rotation.

Can you plant blueberries and grapes this time of year or is spring a better time?

Fall is wonderful time to plant blueberries and grapes! It allows them to get established before winter so that they can flourish in spring. 

What would you recommend for nematodes?

There's a few things you can do bio-fumigate with Kodiak Mustard, Monterey Nematode control, and nematode resilient seeds can help starve them out when you rotate your crops effectively. 

What Plants are you suggesting for cover crops? 

Some of our favorite cocktails are daikon radish and winter rye, black eye and hairy vetch.  

Watch the full episode to hear the answers to all of your most commonly asked fall gardening questions! 


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