Row by Row Episode 88: The Most Popular Seed Varieties of 2019
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Row by Row Episode 88: The Most Popular Seed Varieties of 2019

Row by Row Episode 88: The Most Popular Seed Varieties of 2019

Most Popular Seed Varieties

The guys discuss the 15 most popular seed varieties that were chosen by customers as bestsellers. All of these seed varieties are excellent for growing in the vegetable garden and offer some of the best production and flavor profiles throughout the growing season.

Jambalaya Okra

The most popular seed variety that we have available at Hoss Tools is the Jambalaya Okra. As the most productive okra crop, this variety has heavy yields of green pods with excellent flavor profiles. We recommend transplanting in okra in early spring to get a jump start on the growing season.

Red Burgundy Okra

Not the most productive okra variety that we have available the Red Burgundy Okra is one of the best pickling varieties according to Greg. This okra variety produces deep red pods that will remain tender at even longer pod lengths.

Tiger Collard

Once we sell out of the Tiger Collards variety it will soon be replaced with the Top Bunch 2.0 collards. The Top Bunch 2.0 is the newest generation in the Top Bunch collard line. This is a hybrid variety that is great for early-maturing and will grow fast in the vegetable garden.

Bella Rosa Tomato

The Bella Rosa is an heirloom variety that performs best in hot and humid climates. Out of all the popular seed varieties, the Bella Rosa is the top performer for continuing to set fruits once temperatures become warmer in early summer.

Brickyard Tomato

As the most comprehensive disease-resistant package the Brickyard Tomatoes do best when planted in seed starting trays. Tomatoes can produce heavy fruits and will require some form of trellising system to support the plants throughout the growing season.

Goldprize Squash

As a highly productive squash, the Goldprize variety is a straightneck that offers excellent flavor profiles, texture, and storage potential. Throughout the growing season, squash is a crop that will require multiple harvests within the garden area.

Stonewall Cucumber

The Stonewall Cucumber is a hybrid slicer variety that offers improved yields, great disease-resistance, and exceptional consistency. It does best when direct seeded in the garden area and is a vining plant that will need a strong trellising system in place as it grows throughout the season.

Green Magic Broccoli

Out of all the popular seed varieties, the Green Magic Broccoli is one of the most popular broccoli varieties. This heat-tolerant broccoli can be grown in spring and earlier in the fall than other varieties. We recommend transplanting broccoli to ensure you get maximum production and better plants.

Calypso Cucumber

Another popular cucumber variety is the Calypso cucumber which is gynoecious meaning it produces all-female flowers for increased productivity and higher yields. This hybrid variety offers a strong disease package and early production within the vegetable garden.

Jimmy Red Corn

If you are looking for a variety of corn to grind for making grits and corn mill the Jimmy Red is the ideal variety for just that. We recommend planting corn using a walk-behind planter like our garden seeder that makes planting easy and allows you to customize your planting to meet your exact needs.

Rattlesnake Pole Beans

A very popular variety of beans to grow in the vegetable garden is the Rattlesnake Pole Beans. This heirloom variety has vigorous plants that grow up to 10 inches when trellised and produce around 6 to 7-inch pods that can be harvested frequently throughout the growing season.

Spineless Beauty Zucchini

The Spineless Beauty Zucchini is another hybrid variety that provides an exceptional production, increased storage, and disease package in the garden. The variety has spineless petioles which mean there is no itching sensation during and after harvesting zucchini.

Benary Giant Zinnia Mix

Along with growing vegetables in the garden, it is also great to plant cut flowers in the area. The Benary Giant Zinnia Mix contains a bountiful assortment of colorful flowers throughout the entire warm growing season. The following colors are included in the mix: orange, deep red, coral, lime, bright pink, carmine rose, purple, wine, salmon rose, white, golden yellow, and scarlet.

Bolero Carrot

The hybrid Bolero Carrot variety offers an excellent disease resistance package with great flavor profiles and storage capacity. This variety produces large heavy tops that make them easy to pull up from the ground during harvesting. Once harvested, carrots can hold in cold storage for several weeks and can also be blanched, frozen, and retain texture and flavor in the freezer.

Lacinato Kale

Out of all the most popular seed varieties, the most productive crops grown in the garden this year was the Lacinato Kale which is ideal for producing throughout the entire year. It can be planted in the fall months and will produce throughout the winter and into spring. We recommend transplanting kale at least 3 to 4 weeks before the desired outdoor planting date in the vegetable garden.

Show and Tell Segment

On the show and tell segment, the guys discuss growing and eating leeks from the vegetable garden. It has been a busy week in the warehouse with the packing and shipping of potatoes. The Austrian Crescent Fingerling Potato is a popular variety that is hard to come by this year so be sure to get it before we sell out. A couple of new varieties that are now available on the site is Diomede Cucumbers, Max Pack Cucumbers, Athena Cantaloupe, and Black Zebra Cherry Tomato.

Viewer Questions Segment

On the question and answer segment this week, the guys answer questions about starting winter squash transplants, growing Cherokee Tans or Seminole pumpkins on a cattle panel, tilling cover crops, and planting cold crops in the ground a little early.

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