Row by Row Episode 131: Our 2021 New Years Garden Resolutions!
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Row by Row Episode 131: Our 2021 New Years Garden Resolutions!

Row by Row Episode 131: Our 2021 New Years Garden Resolutions!

2020 Garden Resolutions -- Did we stick to our goals?

Every year before the new year, Greg and Travis evaluate how well they did on their garden resolutions from the previous year and set some goals for the upcoming new year. Some of Greg's resolutions for 2020 included not eating meat at every meal, let some garden plots rest, and personal goal to lose around 40 lbs. Greg did really well on one of his 2020 goals which was to let some garden plots rest and even farmed in a new plot. A few of Travis's 2020 garden resolutions was to eat more from the garden every night, grow more beans, and a personal goal double to double our YouTube subscribers. For the most part, Travis did good on accomplishing his goal of growing more beans and Hoss Tools reached our goal of doubling our YouTube subscriber count.

2021 Garden Resolutions

As we enter the new year, Greg and Travis have four garden resolutions that they would like to accomplish during this year. One of Greg's first goals for 2021 is to encourage new gardeners start up their vegetables garden and be more successful. Travis mentions that one of his garden resolutions is to store up more butter beans. Greg's next goal kind of goes along with his first goals, but he wants to create more content for newer gardeners. Another new garden resolution Travis has is to try and grow field peas once again in the garden. His main struggle with field peas is dealing with the pest pressures during the growing season. The next goal Greg has is a personal goal which is to lose a little weight. Travis's third goal is to grow his own popcorn in the garden in the new year. The last two resolutions that Greg and Travis have is to do more fishing and run a half marathon in 2021.

Show and Tell Segment

On the show and tell segment this week, the guys discuss the unusual colder weather climates down here in the South and just how much these cold snaps are effecting the vegetable crops in the garden. Greg talks about his multiplying onions that are growing pretty good in the garden right now. We have seen a little bit of a seed shortage starting out this new year. Some of the known shortage of crop seeds is beans, English peas, and open-pollinated varieties. As of right now, hybrid seeds seem to have no shortage just some small delays as far as getting them to Hoss HQ. The guys share some new varieties that are now available on the site. The first one is the Mountain Vineyard Tomato, which is known as a compact indeterminate tomato. The next new variety is the Roselle Hibiscus which is an heirloom with edible calyces that has a tart flavor profile and can be used to make delicious jams, sauces, and drinks. The Chinese Okra is a great variety to grow on a trellis and when they are really young is the best time to harvest them if you plan on eating them. Another new variety is the Robust White Popcorn which is a hybrid that is a high-performing and high-quality popcorn variety. The last new variety that we have available on the site this week is the ProCut White Lite Sunflower which produces white petals and has a greenish/yellow center.

Viewer Questions

For the Q & A segment this week, the guys answer some viewer questions from last weeks show. The first question is asking which wheel hoe package we recommend for a beginner gardener. Greg and Travis both mention that the most popular package we sell is the Double Wheel Deal which includes the Double Wheel Hoe, Plow Set, and a set of Sweeps. The next viewer question is wondering what the guys recommend for planting in a high tunnel in North Louisiana. Greg mentions that during the winter months is had great success with growing lettuce and succession summer squash in the high tunnel. The last question wants to know which winter squash variety is the best for growing in a raised bed. The best winter squash to grow in a raised bed include the Algonquian Squash, Delicata Squash, Sweet Dumpling, and Reno Acorn Squash.

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