It's TOO Hot Outside! We're Growing Indoors!
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It's TOO Hot Outside! We're Growing Indoors!

It's TOO Hot Outside! We're Growing Indoors!


Hey Neighbor! One thing that we love to have year-round is lettuce, if you buy it at the grocery store - make sure you wash it good, you never know what you'll find! What we do know for sure is that this South Georgia heat is getting too us and there are some days we just don't want to be outside (I think we can all somewhat agree on this). Why not bring your garden inside? The best thing about growing lettuce indoors is that you don't have to worry about any pest or disease pressure. Let's grow together and get dirty!!

How to Grow Lettuce Indoors: Fresh Lettuce in the Fall

Very challenging to grow lettuce in the heat.  Why not bring a touch of your garden indoors, while you are waiting on the weather to cool.  Or if you can’t grow outside due to snow in the winter, this is a great alternative.

Fresh salads year-round. Avoiding pest and disease issues.

Can harvest in 2-4 weeks.

 5 things you need:

  1. Containers (look for items you can reuse) produce containers with holes in them for window sill. Any container you can easily poke holes in. Use same containers used in spring for starting plant starts.
  2. Soil: light fluffy soil needed to germinate. Use a good potting mix. Pre moisten soil
  3. Slow-release fertilizer pre plant?
  4. Seed: Which lettuce variety does best and why?

          Don’t plant too deep.  Keep moist by misting daily.

Light Source: Sunny window sill that gets 4-6 hours of light per day.  Must have good light source at right height to prevent leggy plants.



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