How to Grow Potatoes? Tips and Tricks!
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How to Grow Potatoes? Tips and Tricks!

How to Grow Potatoes? Tips and Tricks!

Hey Neighbor! It's almost time to plant potatoes, so make sure you're prepared! How to grow potatoes? How many potatoes should I plant? When to plant potatoes? We'll be answering all of these questions and more in today's episode of the Row by Row show. Potatoes are a great crop for your family or farm, so don't miss out!

What Type of Potato Should You Plant? 

  • Yukon Gold is one of the most popular and versatile potato varieties. Medium to large-sized potatoes with tan skin and buttery-yellow flesh.
  • Red Norland Potato is a “new potato” variety that has been selected for darker skin color and excellent storage. Great for boiling and roasting!
  • German Butterball Potato is a medium to large russet-style potato with buttery-yellow flesh. 
  • Viking Potato has a beautiful, mottled-red exterior with a creamy white interior and a buttery flavor. 
  • Kennebec White Potato is the gold standard for frying potatoes. Dark brown skin with ivory white interior. High starch content makes for great storage.
  • Irish Cobbler Potato is an heirloom variety introduced in the 1870s. Great for mashed potatoes and potato soups!
  • Purple Majesty Potato couples beauty with exceptional flavor and texture. Widely-considered the best-tasting purple potato variety.
  • Austrian Crescent Potato is a large fingerling potato with a golden-yellow flesh that’s buttery and delicious. Potatoes may reach up to 10″ in length at full maturity.

When to plant your potatoes? 

Zone 10 January 15 – 31
Zone 9 February 1 – 28
Zone 8 February 15 – March 15
Zone 7 March 1 – 31
Zone 6 March 15 – April 15
Zone 5 April  1 – 30
Zone 4 April 15 – May 15
Zone 3 May - June


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