Row by Row Episode 124: Growing Your Onion Knowledge for the Garden
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Row by Row Episode 124: Growing Your Onion Knowledge for the Garden

Row by Row Episode 124: Growing Your Onion Knowledge for the Garden

Sharing Onion Knowledge

This week on the show Greg and Travis answer some viewer questions and share their onion knowledge that they have gained over the years of growing in the garden. The first question answered is in regards to onion growing zones -- short day, intermediate day, and long day. When it comes to short day vs. intermediate day onions, the major difference is the day lengths between the two zones. The short day zone will trigger the bulbing phases when the day length reaches 10 to 12 hours. While the intermediate day zone will trigger the bulbing phase at 14 to 16 hours. If you are in between two zones like the viewer the guys share their onion knowledge that it is best to grow short-day onion varieties because you not going to ever reach the day length required for intermediate day onions. The next question refers to Greg growing onions in raised beds. His conclusion is that although they have grown off okay in the raised bed, he is having a little trouble with weed control which is easier to maintain in seed starting trays.

Similar to onions, when it comes to growing leeks Travis treats them exactly like onions initially. However, when it comes to planting leeks you need to plant them deep unlike onions. When it comes to onion and leeks fertilization schedule it's the same in the vegetable garden. Next, the guys share their knowledge about using a pre-emergent like Prowl for weed control. Greg mentions that there is no problem with using Prowl for weed control in the market garden situation. Also, if you want to add a humic acid powder to your soil when growing onions and garlic there is no problem with it, but it can be difficult to find in larger quantities that will make a huge difference for the home gardener. Here in the South, when growing onion transplants typically we don't put them on heat maps in the greenhouse because of our roll-up door that allows for temperatures to vary which hasn't caused any major issue in germination.

Show and Tell Segment

On the show and tell segment this week, the guys discuss the brand new website launch which we are very excited about. Travis has Primus Sweet Corn growing in the garden currently that has reached around "hiney high" as the guys like to say. Hurricane Sally affected his corn pretty bad earlier but is doing a lot better and growing fast. If you are growing fall corn, the guys mention that is important for you to get a spraying program down earlier so your not taken over by the worms. Greg says the most effective way to control those worms in your fall garden is to rotate between Spinosad and B.t. by spraying weekly in the garden. Travis shows off some broccoli transplants that are ready to plant in the ground. Greg also has some transplants that are in a 24-cell seed starting tray which is ideal if you have a smaller garden and just need a few plants. Greg shares an update on his multiplying onions that are growing in the vegetable garden.

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