Row by Row Episode 129: Best Gifts for the Home Gardener
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Row by Row Episode 129: Best Gifts for the Home Gardener

Row by Row Episode 129: Best Gifts for the Home Gardener

What Should I Get The Home Gardener For Christmas?

Since Christmas is right around the corner the guys put together a list of ideal gifts to give the home gardener in your life this year. These gifts are ideal for any home gardener and won't break the bank either. Don't struggle any longer trying to find the perfect gift for the home gardener with this list of great gifts.

48-Cell Seed Starting Kit

The 48-Cell Seed Starting Kit is the perfect kit for any home gardener that is growing in-ground or raised beds. It includes everything you will need to start growing your own transplants for the vegetable garden. We recommend growing your own vegetable plants because it will allow you to get a jump start on the growing season by having plants ready to go in the ground when the weather is just right.

Seed Tin Collections

The Seed Collections is an excellent way to give the gardener in your life a variety of different plants without having to decide between all of our varieties. We have six different themed tin collections that include six seed packets that can fit perfectly as a stocking stuffer. Our six themed collections include Herb Garden Collection, Pollinator Garden Collection, Cool Season Garden Collection, Heirloom Garden Collection, Sunflower Garden Collection, and Fresh Salad Garden Collection.

Complete Fermentation Kit

The Complete Fermentation Kit includes everything you need to start fermenting your own vegetables that you harvested from the garden. You can easily make your own sauerkraut, pickles, and so many other goodies from your vegetable garden. Fermented foods are a probiotic food source that's rich in beneficial bacteria that can improve the overall health of your digestive and immune systems.

Over-the-Shoulder Harvesting Bucket

One of our most popular gardening tools is the Over-the-Shoulder Harvesting Bucket. This harvesting bucket is kidney-shaped for ultimate comfort against your body. This bucket also has adjustable straps that are made from seat belt material which means they are durable and won't cut into your skin while harvesting. Overall it allows you to be "hands-free" while maximizing time and effort in the vegetable garden.

Hoss Garden Gloves

The Hoss Garden Gloves are the most comfortable and durable working gloves for around the homestead. They provide a padded suede palm cushion that will help with grip and protect your hands from even the dirtiest jobs. The fingertips also have additional reinforcement to protect those pressure points from blistering. Unlike bulky leather gloves, the Hoss garden gloves won't become stiff if they become wet.

Garden Hod

Another popular harvesting tool is our Hoss Garden Hod is a wire mesh bottom that allows for several ways to wash your harvest from the vegetable garden. This basket is constructed with weather-resistant wood and heavy-duty mesh wire. This harvesting basket can be used daily to harvest your veggies, fruits, and herbs.

Old Hickory Knife Combo

This set of Old Hickory knives is great for use in the garden and kitchen for all of your harvesting and food preparation needs. Each blade is made of 1095 high carbon steel that has been heat-treated and tempered for easy sharpening. Not only is this Old Hickory Knife Combo an American favorite but they are also made in the USA!

Digging Tool

The ultimate hand trowel is the Hori-Hori style, Digging Tool which is ideal for planting in small-scale gardens or raised beds. You can use this tool in your greenhouse or grow room for making potting mixes. It is also perfect for making divots to put in transplants such as eggplant, peppers, or tomatoes into your vegetable garden.


Another great gift for the home gardener is a quart or gallon of Micro-Boost. The Micro-Boost is made up of a micronutrient blend that is specifically designed to improve the yield potential of your vegetable plants by maximizing nutrient uptake which in return promotes a robust root system and overall healthier plants.

Hoss T-Shirt

If you can't decide on anything specific for the home gardener a Hoss T-Shirt is always a safe option to give this year. We have six different designed t-shirts that are comfortable and a great way to represent your favorite gardening company, Hoss Tools.

Show and Tell Segment

On the show and tell segment this week, Travis has some Harmony and Skyphos Butterhead lettuce that he harvested from his vegetable garden. Greg and Travis mention that we are now accepting pre-orders for potatoes. We won't ship those potatoes until after January 15th and it depends on the weather conditions how soon we can ship them to your area. However, without a doubt we will have those potatoes shipped to you before it is time for you to plant them. When it comes to planting potatoes you will need to plant them two weeks before your last frost date in the springtime. If you are growing potatoes on a 40 foot row then a 10 lb bag of potatoes will be plenty for you.

We have some new varieties that the guys want to share this week. The first variety is the Carolina Cross 180 Watermelon is an heirloom that produces giant fruits that can weigh up to 200 lbs. Another new watermelon variety is the Congo Watermelon which produces a super sweet, oblong melon that can weigh up to 50 lbs. The next variety is the Pink Banana Jumbo Squash which also produces massive fruits that can grow between 2' to 3' long. The fourth new variety the guys share this week is the Triamble Pumpkin which is supposed to be a great pumpkin to bake with on the homestead. This heirloom pumpkin variety can produce around 8 lb fruits that are also great for fall decorations. Another new variety is the Jing Orange Okra which is known as an Asian heirloom variety that produces red to orange pods that are spineless. The last new variety the guys share is the Parisian Gherkin Cucumber which is a hybrid, mini cucumber variety that makes compact plants which is ideal for patio gardening or raised beds.

Viewer Questions

For the Q & A segment this week, the guys answer some viewer questions that were asked on last week's episode. One of the questions asked is what kind of beets should be grown in Louisiana. Travis mentions three different varieties that happen to be his favorite varieties currently for growing in the garden which includes the Kestrel Beet, Touchstone Gold Beet, and the Merlin Beet.

Product of the Week

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