Row by Row Episode 32: The Best Gardening Gifts Under $20
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Row by Row Episode 32: The Best Gardening Gifts Under $20

Row by Row Episode 32: The Best Gardening Gifts Under $20

Best Gardening Gifts for Under $20

On this week’s episode, the guys talk about the best gardening gifts under $20 for the holiday season. The first one they show is the Carrot and Potato Washing Brush, which is an excellent vegetable brush for harder-skinned gardening harvests. This brush is made in the USA and very high-quality. The second stocking stuffer is the Hoss Garden Planner, which provides planting dates, plant spacing, row spacing and even companion planting suggestions for a wide variety of vegetable crops. The next gardening gifts include Wooden Garden Labels which is great for putting in your transplanted seed trays or even in the garden so you can know what you planted. The fourth gardening gift is the Farmers File, which is great for keeping hoes and other hand tools sharp. Greg then shows the Corn Silking Brush, which is hard to find but very useful for removing the silks on fresh sweet corn. Travis shows one of his favorite tools for pickling vegetables, which is the Pickle Packer vegetable tamper. The last gardening gifts under $20 include Cotton Butcher String, the California Knife and the Handy Twine Knife, which are all especially handy to have around the farm and garden. They also discuss some of their favorite gardening gifts that are not available on the Hoss Tools site. These would include Muck Boots, Foxgloves, a Buck pocket knife, Row Cover and a Filson wax canvas hat.

Show and Tell Segment

On the show and tell segment, Greg has a head of broccoli that came from Travis' garden. Travis mentions that this is the Green Magic variety, which is especially heat-tolerant compared to other standard broccoli varieties. He mentions that they will soon carry two varieties of broccoli, Green Magic and Arcadia. While Green Magic is especially heat-tolerant, Acadia performs well in cool weather when soil moisture tends to be higher. Greg's garden is drying out from all the rain lately. He has lettuce and mixed greens planted and will need to hit them both with some fertilizer soon. Travis side dressed with some Chilean Nitrate last night since there is rain coming. This weeks tool of the week is the Bushlore Garden Knife which has a high carbon steel blade and a full tang.

Viewer Questions Segment

On the question and answer segment, the guys answer a question about a 40-year-old fig tree ceasing production. Greg mentions that disease can sometimes cripple old trees, but that he would still have hope for it. He recommends pruning all the old, dead wood and cutting at an angle so the wood does not hold in there. One thing that Greg has noticed about fig trees is they respond well to good water. Make sure you provide enough water to that tree when you experience a dry period. He says give it about a year to grow back and it should stay true to variety. If it does not come back and flourish it may have got to infected so remove the tree and replace it. Greg gives one tip that he likes to do with his fig trees. He takes a 5-gallon bucket then drills a small hole at the bottom of the bucket and fills it with water. Greg places that bucket next to his fig tree during the dry period and the fig tree is gradually getting water from the 5-gallon bucket. Greg shows off one more gardening gift idea at the end of the show. Which is the Garden Hod that works as a great multifunctional harvesting bucket.

Tool of the Week

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