Row by Row Episode 29: The Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Garden
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Row by Row Episode 29: The Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Row by Row Episode 29: The Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for Gardeners

On this week’s episode, the guys take a break from the traditional gardening discussion and talk about the best Christmas gift ideas for gardeners. They have a top 10 list that they reveal. They start with some cutting tools including their Watermelon Knife, Hatchet and Village Machete. The watermelon knife is made by Ontario Knife Company in New York. This tool is great for cutting up any of your larger produce like watermelons, pumpkins, or cantaloupe. One of Greg's favorite tools is the high carbon steel hatchet. This is an ideal tool for light cutting of limbs or word around the garden or homestead. Greg talks about how a nice machete is a perfect gift for anyone because it is such a versatile tool with many different uses around the farm and garden. This machete has a beautiful walnut handle and has a high carbon steel blade with a full tang. Travis continues through the list with a couple of his favorite short-handle tools, which include the Short Single Tine Cultivator and their famous Garden Trowel. He mentions that the Single Tine Cultivator is absolutely his favorite tool for weeding onions, garlic, and similar crops in the garden. He talks about the strength of the Garden Trowel and how it is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. Then they talk a little bit about their complete fermentation kit. This kit offers everything you would need to start fermenting your own vegetables. They then feature a couple of harvesting containers which include the TubTrug Colander and the extremely popular Over-the-Shoulder Harvesting Bucket. Travis speaks about the durability and indestructibility of the TubTrug Colander and how it won't become brittle over time. The popular Over-the-Shoulder Harvesting bucket offers comfortable padded support that will make harvesting ten times easier. Finally, the number one gift idea is their Single Wheel Hoe. Greg mentions that this is the ultimate gift for someone who is just getting into gardening.

Show and Tell Segment

On the show and tell segment this week, the guys discuss the speculation of the Grand Solar Minimum that has been hypothesized by a UK scientist. Travis mentions that this is supposedly a more extreme, prolonged version of the solar minimum that happens every 11-12 years as a result of reduced solar flares. The guys discuss the possibility of if it is true that means there will be longer colder months. He mentions that many of the sites giving validity to the Grand Solar Minimum are in the "prepper" community. Greg mentions that he's not going to worry about anything he can't control. He also mentions that if anyone is going to be alright, he believes it will be them. The guys also talk a little bit about getting into the seed business. Starting in January, they will have a brand new seed lineup with many different varieties coming to the website.

Top 10 Christmas Gift List

10. Watermelon Knife 9. Hatchet 8. Short Single Tine Cultivator 7. Village Machete 6. Garden Trowel 5. Complete Fermentation Kit 4. Old Hickory 8" Slicer 3. TubTrug Colander 2. Over-the-Shoulder Harvesting Bucket 1. Single Wheel Hoe

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