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Silage Tarp 20' x 25'


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Our 20′ x 25′ Silage Tarp is the perfect tool for creating a new small garden plot, reducing weed pressure in existing garden plots, terminating cover crops, or preventing excess moisture from rainfall on your garden plots. Made with a thick, 6 mil, UV-resistant plastic.


Our 20' x 25' Silage Tarp is the perfect, maintenance-free tool for creating a small garden in your backyard. This black tarp is made with a thick, 6 mil plastic that is UV-resistant and won't degrade when exposed to sunlight. This tarp will be in your garden tool arsenal for years and years!

Silage tarps have many great applications in the vegetable garden. They can be used to create a new garden plot, terminate cover crops, reduce weed pressure, and even keep areas dry during periods of heavy precipitation. The tarp will cover your garden area to kill any existing grass/weeds and prevent new ones from thriving.

To create a new garden plot using our silage tarps, we recommend tilling or cultivating the soil initially before placing the tarp on the area. This will help to facilitate the process of removing the grass from the existing area. After cultivation, place the tarp on the area for a few weeks so that the existing grass will die. Remove the tarp after a few weeks, till the area again and keep repeating until all the grass is gone. If you don't have access to a tiller or cultivating tool, you can still use the tarp to kill the grass in an intended garden area. It will just take longer without cultivation.

If you have heavy weed pressure in your garden, the silage tarp is a great way to reduce that weed pressure for future gardens. We recommend doing this using our "till and tarp" technique. Till the area to bring weed seeds to the soil surface, then use the tarp to force the weed seeds to germinate. The weeds will quickly die due to lack of sunlight. After a few weeks, till the soil again and reapply the tarp. Repeat this process 2-3 times to reduce your weed seed bank and make your gardening experience much more enjoyable.

Silage Tarp Benefits

  • No tiller or tractor required
  • Easy to install with sandbags included (sand not included)
  • Creates a weed-free environment
  • Increases earthworm populations
  • Enhances beneficial soil bacteria

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