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I'itoi Multiplying Onions


I’itoi Multiplying Onions are an heirloom variety that is known for its hardy nature and their ability to thrive in hotter climates. This rare onion variety was introduced by Jesuit missionaries to the native southwest in the Colorado basin in the 1600s. The I’itoi Multiplying Onion will thrive in raised beds or in-ground gardens with minimal care and do well with companion plants such as brassicas, beets, tomatoes, and even strawberries. The best part, plant one bulb and it can multiply into 8-12 bulbs! These onions can be harvested as needed to add a mild, peppery flavor to your meals.Allium cepa var. Aggregatum

Each bundle contains 15 plants.

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Be sure to check out our Onion Growing Guide for helpful tips & tricks on how to successfully grow onions in your garden. 

We suggest harvesting and splitting bulbs twice a year (Fall and Spring) if you live in Zone 8 and higher. Zones 7 and lower should harvest in the fall and store bulbs in a cool, dry, and dark area until you're ready to split and plant the following Spring. I'itoi Multiplying Onions are not a potato onion or a walking onion.

I'itoi Multiplying Onion Planting Information:

When to Plant: early spring and fall

Plant Spacing: 6-8"

Planting Depth: 1"

(Plant in Full Sun)



Growing Information

Onions are heavy feeders and will require significant nutrient inputs throughout their lifespan. We recommend feeding them with our 20-20-20 and Calcium Nitrate fertilizers. Fertilize with 20-20-20 shortly after transplanting. The phosphorous and potassium in the 20-20-20 fertilizer will help to promote solid root development, while the nitrogen will promote vegetative growth. Once transplants are established, we recommend side-dressing or injecting with our Calcium Nitrate fertilizer. Side dress or inject 1 cup per 20 feet of linear row every 3-4 weeks after transplanting.

Customer Reviews

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Nicholaus Kelley
Great company

Love this company fast shipping ! Will order for them again

Phyllis Burns

Arrived in good time now waiting to see how they do.


Received in great timing. Putting in the garden now!