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Hoss Fertilizer Injector


Fertilize your garden while you water with our Hoss Fertilizer Injector. Easy to install and easy to use. Just attach to your water hose or faucet, add fertilizer, and turn the water on. 1 gallon capacity. USA MADE!

Click Here For Instructions, Helpful Diagrams, and Troubleshooting Your Fertilizer Injector!

*Optional Backflow Preventer available


The Hoss Fertilizer Injector allows you to feed your garden while you water, ensuring a constant proportion of fertilizer is being administered to your plants. This will save you a tremendous amount of time and energy by allowing you to water and fertilize simultaneously. The injector works great with drip irrigation systems because it puts the fertilizer at the roots of the plants -- right where they need it.

This fertilizer injector is quick and easy to install. Simply attach to a garden hose, water faucet, or drip irrigation system. It's also easy to remove so you can detach and move it around your garden to use it in multiple areas. Valves on the "water in" and "fertilizer out" hoses allow you to turn the injection off, so you don't have to remove the system when you're done administering fertilizer.

It works with all water-soluble and liquid fertilizers, including Chilean nitrate for the organic farmer. The heavy-duty tank is made of PVC that will not dent due to changes in pressure. The cap includes a switch for four different water/fertilizer ratio settings that allows you to control the rate at which fertilizer is incorporated into your water supply.

Drip systems with less than 120 gallons per hour (GPH) water flow may require a Flo-Disc in order to inject the solution into the drip system. There are three discs provided for these conditions.

Important: You must have colored fertilizer in the injection tank or food dye to adjust the system. Let the system run for a few minutes to make sure the fertilizer is not flowing before installing or changing the Flo Disc. If there is no color in the clear tube, the system is not flowing, and a more restrictive Flo-Disc is required for operation.


White Flo-Disc 120 to 60 gph

Black Flo-Disc 60 to 30 gph

Red Flo-Disc 30 to 7.5 gph

Note: The Flo-Disc is not intended for pressure reduction and cannot be used for this purpose. The Flo-Disc will create additional bypass through the tank when necessary to speed up injection.

Optional Backflow Preventer

Backflow Preventer

The Backflow Preventer uses a vacuum-breaking system to prevent polluted water from entering your water source via back-siphoning. Install the Backflow Preventer at your well or faucet, upstream of the Hoss Fertilizer Injector. The Backflow Preventer consists of a copper silicon alloy body construction, stainless steel working parts, and a rubber diaphragm and disc. Fits all 3/4" hoses and faucet connections.
Hoss Fertilizer Injector Installation Guidelines:

  • Do not install the system into an irrigation mainline before a zone valve.
  • Flush hose after each use to vent chemicals and pressure.
  • Empty tank when freezing conditions are present.

Fertilizer Injector Ratio Settings

Use the charts below to determine how long you'll need to run your water system to empty all the fertilizer in the tank.

  • Slow - 1000:1
  • #1 - 500:1
  • #2 - 250:1
  • Fast - 100:1

Click To Download The Fertilizer Injector Manual

Fertilizer Injector Guide

Fertilizer Injector on Drip

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I wouldn’t know o haven’t received mine yet!!!

Robert Shumake
Love this product!

Great to see an American product, built with American pride and functions just as it should! Great product and it is built like a tank!

Love this product!

EZ Flow Fertilizer Injector

Clarence Covey
Love this product!

Injecting fertilizer into an irrigation system is nothing new for me, but the high build quality on a small scale unit is new to me… the Hoss fertilizer injector could possibly last for generations if properly stored and cared for.

Perry Eury
Love this product!

I just got mine set up and it works great, along with the drip tape kit. Make sure to watch the videos and check the water pressure at your hose bib. What a time saver, and a MUCH more efficient use of water and fertilizer compared to the way I had been doing things. I have gardened for many years, and this is a game-changer!