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Fruit Fly Catching Lids


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Our Fruit Fly Catching Lids are the easy, discreet solution to ridding your home, garage or outdoor space of fruit flies. Fit and size regular mouth jar. Multi-color 4 pack.

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Our Fruit Fly Catching Lids are an easy way to rid your home of those pesky fruit flies that fly in the house when the door is opened. These reusable lids come in a multi-color 4 pack with one blue, green, clear and yellow fly-catching lid. They are designed to fit any regular mouth jar. You can use them with small jelly jars, pint jars or larger, quart jars. They'll work with any of the major jar brands including Ball, Kerr, Mason, Bernardin, etc.

Fruit Fly Catching Lids are dishwasher-safe and durable. They provide a discreet option for catching flies that is not unsightly like fly tape or other bulky capture devices. They're ideal for use in the home, whether it be the bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom. The discreet design means it won't be noticed, but it's also easy to move when hosting an event or company.

In addition to indoor use, these fly-catching lids work great in garages, warehouses or other outdoor situations. Put a few in the garage to keep the flies from bothering you when working on your car or lawn mower. They'll also improve warehouse efficiency and morale as your staff will spend less time swatting flies. You can even put a few of these in your camping bag to keep the flies away when in the great outdoors.

Each lid contains 5 small holes for capturing fruit flies. You can use a wide variety of items for an attractant inside the jar. Most people prefer to use apple cider vinegar because it's appealing to the flies, but doesn't have an unpleasant smell. You could also use specialized, liquid fly attractants or fruit like bananas or berries. To use the lids, simply add attractant to the bottom of the jar you'll be using. Then screw on the lid and watch the flies disappear!

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